Beginner Acoustic Guitar Course

9 songs – 72 step by step guitar lessons!

In the beginner acoustic guitar course, you’ll learn how to play nine complete songs using in depth video lessons, full TAB and loops to practice along with.

We discuss chord progressions, key signatures, and specific techniques like Hammer-On and Pull-Off.

Most importantly, we develop 2nd guitar parts so you can play with me and the singer and more deeply understand each song.

Not only will learning songs help you with switching from one chord to another and improve your rhythm playing, studying them in depth like we do in this course, holds the key to understanding how music actually works.

By deeply studying songs, you can start the journey of understanding music and learn how to play the guitar.

1. Talking About A Revolution

In this first series of lessons in the course, we start by getting to terms with strumming the 4 open position chords that make up Talking About A Revolution.

We also practice the chromatic exercise before we learn how to play the song on one guitar. Finally, we develop a 2nd guitar part so we can play the song together.

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2. Redemption Song

To learn how to play Redemption Song by Bob Marley, we first study the individual parts using play along loops, including how to play the intro note for note.

Once you learned how to play the complete song, we develop a 2nd and even a 3rd part so we can play Redemption Song together.

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3. Robin Hood

When you learn how to play Robin Hood by Ocean Colour Scene you’ll also learn how to pick and strum with more accuracy as you practice along to loops.

We also practice more chromatic exercises and build a 2nd guitar part so we can play the song together with the singer, like a little band.

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4. One More Cup Of Coffee

Before we get our teeth into playing One More Cup Of Coffee by Bob Dylan, we must practice our chromatic exercises some more.

This is followed by practicing each section of the song to loops before we put it all together and play the complete song and finally, build a 2nd guitar part.

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5. The Drugs Don’t Work

Playing the main part just like Richard did is not easy, there is so much variation in the strumming. To get it right, we must first work on our ability to read rhythms.

Following this, we study each section in depth using play along loops before we play the complete song. Finally, we learn the beautiful 2nd guitar as well.

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6. Time Of Your Life

The biggest hurdle to overcome here is to pick fast in a sweeping motion. To get better, we practice a sweeping exercise and each section of the song to loops.

Once you can pay the complete song, the final challenge lies within playing a 2nd guitar part, including a note fore note version of the violin solo.

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7. Wonderwall

As Wonderwall is played using fast strumming, we must engage in some strumming exercises before we can play the complete song well.

Each section is studied in depth, mainly focusing on how to divide up the strumming. The final step is to develop a 2nd guitar part.

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8. Rewind

Rewind by Paolo Nutini may not be fast but the intricate 16th note strumming pattern will still require you to continue working on some strumming exercises.

After we’ve gone through each section using individual practice loops, we develop the song by writing not just one but two 2nd guitar parts.

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9. Ain’t No Sunshine

The final song in the beginner course is played finger style, this means you first have work your way through three practice songs.

Once you can play them, Ain’t No Sunshine’s finger style arrangement will be easy. Finally, we develop a 2nd guitar part and play the song together, like a band.

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