Bird on the Wire (Leonard Cohen) Guitar Lesson with TAB

Bird on the Wire Guitar Lesson + TAB
In this guitar lesson, there are three pieces of TAB which is all you need to play this classic on your own using one acoustic guitar!

Bird on the Wire | TAB

Let’s take a look at a fingerstyle arrangement for how you could play Leonard Cohen’s Bird on the Wire on one acoustic guitar. Here’s the TAB for verse 1.

Bird on the Wire TAB, verse 1.

The first line is a simple I – V – I – IV. The second line is I – V – I, just using the sus4 extension and then, an add9 as well.

The picking pattern is consistent, we go down in the first half of the bar, then up.

Here’s verse 2.

Bird on the Wire TAB, verse 2.

I like this pattern, it has more groove when the bass is on its own in the middle of the bar. The last bar takes us to the chorus which looks like this:

Bird on the Wire TAB, chorus.

The chord progression is IV – I – VI – I. We then go to V instead of I at the end.

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Bird on the Wire | Chords + Lyrics

Bird on the Wire chords.

You can learn to play Bird on the Wire by Leonard Cohen using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, a chord chart, and the original recording.

A | E |
Like a bird on the wire…

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Leonard Cohen wrote Bird on the Wire.

Following a career as a novelist and poet for over a decade, Leonard Cohen released his debut album in 1967.

His best tunes include Suzanne, Bird on the Wire, Famous Blue Raincoat, Chelsea Hotel #2, Hallelujah, Dance Me To The End Of Love, and So Long, Marianne.

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