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The first thing that happens when you become a member is that you’ll receive a link to download my 288-page guitar theory book Spytunes Method.

Here you’ll get an overview of all chord, arpeggio, and modal theories that we’ll use as we work through all songs in the courses.

There are no restrictions or drip-feeding of any kind in the step-by-step lessons, you can access any lesson to any song at any time.

Once you’ve decided what course you want to start with, you’ll discover how we learn each song in exact detail using in-depth video lessons, full TAB, and practice loops.

We also practice any necessary exercises and in the acoustic courses, most of the time, invent a 2nd guitar part.

Learn this 2nd guitar and you can play the song with me and the singer in the video. Doing this will prepare you for a life where you play guitar with other people, gigging, jamming, and even writing songs on the guitar.

Speaking of playing with other people, in the intermediate electric course, you’ll play with a soul band I recorded live in the studio.

Also included in the guitar courses is the SEPR, the self-eliminating practice routine. This module provides you with carefully designed exercises for all chords, arpeggios, and modes that you read about in your Spytunes Method eBook.

Practice these as a warm-up and you will map out the fretboard, enabling you to play any chord, arpeggio, or scale, in any key, anywhere on the neck.

Finally, members get TAB for the songs in the songbook, these are shorter, one-page lessons designed to help you play the song on your own, and/or with other people in a band.

In the future, some of these tunes will become 8 step-by-step lessons in a course.

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Unlimited access to all acoustic and electric step-by-step guitar lessons in all courses as well as TAB for the songbook and the eBook Spytunes Method. There are no ads, no restrictions, or drip feeding.

The price for membership is $1.00 now and then $14.00 per Month.

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