Because I Got High (Afroman) Guitar Lesson with TAB

Because I Got High Guitar Lesson + TAB
In this guitar lesson, you'll get TAB for playing Because I Got High using open-position power chords!

Because I Got High | TAB

Usually, when you see a power chord, you play the lowest two or three strings of an E or A-shaped chord.

In this tune, I’ve found a way to play power chords for the other three CAGED shapes.

  • The open position G chord is a power chord if you dampen string 5 with the flesh of the fretting finger of string 6. This is very common.
  • The open position C chord can learn from the G and dampen string 4 using the flesh of the fretting finger on string 5.
  • The open position D chord becomes a power chord as long as we don’t play string 1.

Here are 8 bars of TAB that have been inspired by the original recording’s bass and drum machine parts. I feel the last beat in the last bar being long really helps as we start playing everything else short again.

Because I Got HIgh TAB.

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Because I Got High | Chords + Lyrics

Because I Got High chords.

You can learn to play Because I Got High by Afroman using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, a chord chart, and the original recording.

G5 | C5 |
I was gonna clean my room, until I got high…

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Afroman wrote Because I Got High.

Not just known, but defined by his hit single Because I Got High, Afroman was the first artist to go viral as he launched himself on the file-sharing site Napster.

This led to a six-album deal with Universal Records, guess what Afroman did instead of writing more hits?

Afroman on the web

Listen to Afroman on Spotify.

About me | Dan Lundholm

Dan Lundholm wrote this guitar lesson and TAB about Because I Got High.

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