Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) Guitar Lesson with TAB

Baby One More Time Guitar Lesson + TAB
In this guitar lesson, you get the TAB for how to play all sections of Baby One More Time on the acoustic guitar using a capo on fret 3!

Baby One More Time | TAB

Let’s ignore the idea of playing this in a band without a capo and instead work out how to play it using a capo on fret 3.

Here’s the intro, play along with the original recording to get the right feel.

Baby One More Time TAB, intro.

Make sure you play all notes with a little dot above as short, otherwise the feel won’t be there.

Here’s the verse TAB. There is still that short strum, notice the dot!

Baby One More Time TAB, verse.

The last bar on each line says DmEGAm although it looks more like DmEmAm. I did consider writing it as EmAm instead but since the bass goes to G, I felt this was wrong even though on one guitar, that’s what we end up playing.

Here’s the bridge TAB, compare the strumming to the verse.

Baby One More Time TAB, bridge.

Here’s the chorus TAB, now the strums are bigger, it’s important to make the sections different like these, especially when the progressions are the same in all sections.

Baby One More Time TAB, chorus.

That G5/F is similar to how we played EmAm, but this time, I’ve written the new chords.

Finally, here’s the breakdown section, first play this as written (especially the first half) then consider how you could change this into your version.

Baby One More Time TAB, breakdown.

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Am | E |
Oh, baby, baby, how was I supposed to know…

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Starting out in talent competitions as a teenager eventually led Britney Spears to The Mickey Mouse Club, Jive Records and Max Martin.

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