Another Lonely Day (Ben Harper) Guitar Lesson with TAB

Another Lonely Day Guitar Lesson + TAB
In this guitar lesson, you'll find two simple TAB examples which is all you need to play this tune on your own!

Another Lonely Day | TAB

As the chords for Another Lonely Day are simple and common open-position chords, you’ll learn to play this tune very quickly.

To get it just like Ben Harper plays it, you must pay attention to a few small details, these are best described using TAB, here’s the verse:

Another Lonely Day TAB, verse.

Things to look out for here are the bass notes taking you to another chord (/B, /A, and /E) as well as the open strings between the Am and Em chords.

Play along with the original (if tuned down) or the live version until it makes sense. He does strum a bit more on the live version, the TAB above is of the original recording.

Here are the chorus chords using TAB:

Another Lonely Day TAB, chorus.

In this section, we start off playing an Fsus2 chord, not an F. Small details like this really help make a simple chord progression stand out.

It also helps you if you get this kind of detail right as most would just search online for Another Lonely Day chords and see how it’s almost always written as a plain F chord.

Going the extra mile, and getting the chords 100% right is what will land you a good gig. Make it a habit.

The G6 is a nice detail, and so is the bass note of /E taking us back to the chorus, or /A taking us to a verse again.

Should you end up teaching a beginner how to play guitar, Another Lonely Day is a perfect choice as the chords are simple, still, there is some nice detail in there. Check my beginner acoustic songs for more tunes like this.

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Another Lonely Day | Chords + Lyrics

Another Lonely Day chords.

You can learn how to play Another Lonely Day by Ben Harper using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, a chord chart, and the original recording.

C /B | Am | Em | G /A |
Yes, indeed I’m, alone again…

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Ben Harper is an American roots musician who stretched his appeal around the globe by recording covers of Sexual Healing and The Drugs Don’t Work.

Harper’s first album, Welcome To The Cruel World (94), was followed by Fight For Your Mind only a year later.

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