Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley) Guitar Lesson with TAB

Hallelujah Guitar Lesson + TAB
In this guitar lesson, you get TAB for both the Jeff Buckley version as well as a simple beginner version based on what Cohen did!

Hallelujah | TAB

Below this analysis, you’ll find the original as well with a simple guitar arrangement so you can compare.

There’s a video in the playlist above that does the “pre-intro” TAB (and the entire tune actually) but it doesn’t show the chords. Use that video to copy Jeff, it is at least 95% accurate.

The chords for what I can only describe as pre-intro, are a series of C7Em chords. They build tension by being C7/Bb, and even a maj7 and b7 at the same time at one point. Jeff didn’t play this live so let’s move on.

Below is the intro, fit a capo on fret 5 and think in the key of G (or 6 if you listen to the official video!).

Hallelujah TAB, Jeff Buckley version intro.

The main difference to the original is that the G chord is not the full triad and the F# is a leading bass note between the I – VI chord, or the minor fall as he so perfectly describes it in this very tune.

It also takes a while before he settles in on the picking pattern. Only by the second line does he play what is then repeated for the rest of the song.

The verse chords first start as the intro, then go to | C | C D |, whereas Cohen didn’t stay on the IV chord for as long.

Next, there’s a new slash chord (G/B) before the famous IV – V – VI (minor fall) part.

And we don’t rest before the chorus, like the original does, instead play a quick EmD, or VI – V. Here’s the TAB of the verse.

Hallelujah TAB, Jeff Buckley version verse.

Finally, the chorus starts in a similar way, only extending to Em7 being the difference.

On the second line, we get a G/BD/A, which is not the same as in Cohen’s version.

Finally, we return to the verse progression of I – VI, which Cohen doesn’t do. Above, I’ve called this an instrumental section. Here’s the TAB for the chorus:

Hallelujah TAB, Jeff Buckley version chorus.

There is also a longer instrumental section after chorus 4 and an extra long last chorus. I’ve written out the chords above so you can either create your version or copy what’s in that TAB video.

Now that you’ve tried Jeff’s version, remove the capo and play along with the original!

Hallelujah | TAB (Leonard Cohen)

I’ve created an arrangement for you using TAB below but before we get to that, let’s look at all the chords and progressions.

The intro is the same as the end of a chorus, just I – V, or CG.

The verse is best seen as two sections, the first goes I – VI – I – VI, IV – V – I – V, like this:

| C | Am7 | C | Am7 |
| F | G | C | G |

The switch between C and Am7 means all you do is lift the ring finger. The F chord could be played as a full barre F, or from string 4.

The second half of the verse is more complex, it goes I – IV – V – VI – IV. This is also when Cohen sings about the chords, the IV (F) the V (G), the minor fall (VI), and the major lift (IV). Looks like this:

| C | F G | Am | F |

The final line is V – IIIx/3 – VI and then rest, like this:

| G | E7/G# | Am | N.C |

Here’s an easy-to-play arrangement of Hallelujah’s verse chords using TAB.

Hallelujah TAB, Cohen easy verse.

The chorus is easier than the verse, it goes IV – VI, IV – I – V. The last two bars (I – V) set up the next verse. During the outro, we don’t play the final two bars.

Here are Hallelujah’s chorus chords using TAB as a simple arrangement. Notice how the F chord is played in two ways.

Hallelujah TAB, Cohen easy chorus.

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I heard there was a secret chord…

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