Minor Scales Course

Master The Minor Scales In 8 Steps

Using the CAGED system as our foundation, we can build five Minor Pentatonic shapes on the guitar fretboard. Instead of calling these positions 1-5, we call them by their CAGED name.

This is the starting point for mastering the minor modes and all other minor scales on the guitar.

The self-eliminating practice routine takes care of this in 8 steps. All you have to do is put the time in.

Make it a daily routine and you will get there, but don’t forget to play songs as well, without actual musical examples, these scales are simply patterns without any real meaning.

The 5 Minor Pentatonic – Step 1

The 5 Minor Pentatonic shapes - Step 1

This is where it all starts. You must learn all five positions of the Minor Pentatonic. Without this, the guitar will never make sense,

Using the video lessons demonstrating this in Am, you can move on once you have practised in all other keys as well.

Connect Minor Pentatonic shapes – Step 2

Connect Minor Pentatonic shapes - Step 2

Once each shape is firmly under your fingers, it’s time to connect your Minor Pentatonic. The video lessons demonstrate this in Am.

When you can play along with the video lessons in Am, all you have to do is continue through all remaining keys.

Minor Blues – Step 3

Minor Blues - Step 3

The Minor Blues scale (often referred to as just the blues scale), is simply a Minor Pentatonic with an added b5.

Since you know your Minor Pentatonic so well by now, this is easy and also the first step to understanding that you can soon build any minor scale.

Conspirian – Step 4

Conspirian - Step 4

My own scale! The Conspirian scale is the one everybody plays but doesn’t have a name for. It’s the perfect shortcut for blues and jazz blanket scale soloing.

Expanding on the minor blues scale, we just add one more note and a whole world opens up. If you can see the intervals around each shape, you can do this!

Aeolian – Step 5

Aeolian - Step 5

The saddest of all modes, the scale that comes with chord VI, it’s Aeolian which we master in this step.

The video lessons first show the individual shapes, then connect them and finally run Aeolian through the cycle of 4th.

Dorian – Step 6

Dorian - Step 6

The jazz minor, the scale that comes with chord II, it’s time to explore Dorian. You can learn this quickly by looking at it as intervals.

Simply follow all video lessons to master these five shapes, then do it in 12 keys before you move on.

Phrygian & Phrygian Dominant – Step 7

Phrygian & Phrygian Dominant - Step 7

The missing piece, the Spanish minor, the one that comes with chord III, let’s dissect Phrygian & her evil cousin, Phrygian Dominant.

Plenty of video lessons to follow. Once you can do it in Am, don’t forget, you must practice this in all 12 keys to master it.

Minor modes master exercises – Step 8

Minor modes master exercises - Step 8

The final step is five minor modes master exercises that will establish all three minor modes, blues, and conspirian scales, but that’s not all.

As well as forever cementing the modes under your fingers, you’ll be able to see all intervals now. When you can do it, do it in all 12 keys!