Arthur’s Theme (Christopher Cross) Guitar Lesson with TAB

Arthur's Theme Guitar Lesson + TAB
In this guitar lesson, you get TAB for how to play both sections of Arthur's Theme, arranged for one acoustic guitar + the solo!

Arthur’s Theme | TAB

Arthur’s Theme uses the concept of moving up a 4th, or the cycle of 4th, to change the key from C to A, here’s the verse chord progression:

||: Dm7 (II) G (V) | C (I) Fmaj13 (IV) |
Bb (bVIIx) E7 (IIIx) | Asus4 (VI) A (VIx) Asus2 A :||

That final chord takes us back to the Dm chord, here’s the TAB.

Notice how the Fmaj13 is what it is because of the intervals, it goes from the root – maj7 – 6 – 5.

Here’s the chorus.

I’m starting with a D shape, but borrowing the 5th from the A shape. A semitone below we temporarily find the #4, then down to the 3rd.

For the Bm, we start with sus2 to join the melody.

When the D chord returns, we use the upper part of the A shape to find some variation. Fret this using your little finger on string 2.

Practice both sections until you feel comfortable, then play along with the original recording.

If you have an electric guitar, try the sax solo as well, here’s TAB.

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