Chords around Ionian up and down Guitar Lesson – Step 6

Chords Guitar Lesson - S6
Let's replace the major scale's individual notes with chords and play all those up and down the scale in all shapes!

All Chords Around Each Position Of The Major Scale

The concept is simple; for each note of the major scale, we play the 7th note chord, like this: I – II – III – IV – V – VI – VII.

Once mastered, these exercises are what will make sense of the guitar fretboard.

It is your ability to know this inside out that will enable you to make sense of the Roman Numerals, the chord shapes, and how this is laid out on the fretboard.

When you can do this in all five shapes in the key of A, do it backwards as well, and then in all keys!

The next step is to do this again, but using the cycle of 4th & 3rd.

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Chordacus can show all chords and al modes in all keys.

Spytunes chords, scale, and arpeggio software, Chordacus is a refined version of the so-called CAGED system.

Now available as both a chromatic (original version) and “within a key”, developed with the help of a Spytunes student.

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