Connect all arpeggio shapes – Step 5

Arpeggios Guitar Lesson - S5
As you can now play all shapes individually, let's connect them by playing each shape twice before moving on!

You Don’t Know Your Arpeggios If You Can’t Connect Them

To master the arpeggios you must first learn each shape individually, this is what you practiced in the first four steps.

Now that you can do this (in all keys), we must connect all shapes, just like you did when practising, for example, minor pentatonic shapes.

In the playlist above, you’ll find video lessons connecting all arpeggios in A. That’s the Am7, Amaj7, A7, and Am7b5 arpeggios, all over the neck.

Play through them twice per shape. Doing it twice means you properly see each shape before you move on.

When you can do this, the next step is to do it all in D. Since these will connect in a slightly different way as they start on a C shape, I’ve recorded videos for these exercises as well.

This is all the information you need in order to move on and play through the remaining ten starting points of G, C, F, etc.

When this is achieved, move on to the next step and connect the arpeggios by playing only once per shape.

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Arpeggios | Step-by-step guitar course

Connecting arpeggio is the fifth lesson in this arpeggios course.

There are only four CAGED arpeggio shapes to learn on the guitar, the min7, the maj7, the dom7, and the min7b5.

In the step-by-step arpeggio course, we master all these arpeggios in all CAGED shapes, an essential skill to acquire if you want to improvise.

Connect Minor Pentatonic shapes

Connect Minor Pentatonic shapes.

Once each shape is firmly under your fingers, it’s time to connect your Minor Pentatonic. The video lessons demonstrate this in Am.

When you can play along with the video lessons in Am, all you have to do is continue through all remaining keys.

Connect barre chords

Connect barre chords is a similar exercise to connecting the arpeggios.

This step is the first real test, when you can connect all barre chord shapes, you can move on to the next step.

Videos demonstrate this using E, A, D, G, and C as a starting point. To complete this step, you must do this to F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, and B as well. Minor and major of course!



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