Combining rhythms Guitar Lesson – Step 4

Chromatic Guitar Lesson - S4
Now that you can play all basic rhythms using the chromatic exercise, we start combining them!

Let’s Combine The Basic Rhythms

Since you have to keep your eyes peeled on the rhythm and just let the fretting hand wander, these exercises are reading, as well as technical exercises.

You could just stare at the rhythm, or you could just memorize it and in your mind focus on it as the fretting hand travels up and down.

Here they all are written out.

Combine rhythms when playing the chromatic exercise.

Practise these exercises until you can play them all comfortably.

In the next step we do all this again, although we will instead sweep.

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This is lesson four form the Chromatic and Sweeping Course. Here we combine rhythms.

The chromatic and sweeping exercises will sort out any problems you have with synchronizing your left and right hand as you play with a pick.

Take the Chromatic & Sweeping Course and you’ll will improve your accuracy, build speed, as well as train you in reading rhythms better.


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